Autism Awareness Month - Meet Nathan

December 28, 2021

We recently interviewed one of our amazing Epiphany Ministry members so he could share his experience during Autism Awareness month. While Nathan recognizes that he needs some additional help because of his disability, he does not let it define him! Here's what he shared:

What do you want people to know about Autism?

“Just because I have autism, it doesn’t mean that I have limitations.”

What are some of the challenges of Autism that you would like people to know?

“I am learning to cope with my feelings and emotions, social skills, being healthy and happy. I need patience from others as I work on those things.”

What are some of your strengths?

“I have an excellent memory. I am good with talking to people, and I am physically & mentally strong.”

What are your interests? How do you spend your time?

“I spend my time listening to all kinds of music, drawing, getting involved in exercise & other physical activities, traveling, and spending time with friends and loved ones.”

What does your Christian faith mean to you?

“It means that no matter what happens or what I do, God is there for me as I put my faith in Him!”

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