Choir and Coffee

December 28, 2021

Les and Kristl Linenschmidt

Our Summer Choir is a wonderful opportunity to experience active participation in a fun, welcoming, and musically outstanding ensemble with very limited commitment.

We came to PHPC through what I affectionately call the “Do Drop In” Summer Choir. When the church moves to the summer schedule of just one morning Sunday worship service, the choir takes a break from regular Wednesday night rehearsals and invites people who enjoy singing to join the choir to rehearse an easy-to-learn anthem for the service. Robes are not worn and there is absolutely no pressure to commit to regular attendance in the fall. 

Not having sung in a choir for a while, I was happy for the invitation to sing sacred choral music in the Sanctuary. That first Sunday I was so warmly welcomed by choir members, Director of Music, Steve Jobman, and Artist-in-Residence, Bradley Welch, that it felt like old home week! The music and message of the worship service were beautiful and strong. God was hovering there. We came back the following Sunday, which naturally turned into the whole summer, and then the fall and winter.

While I was rehearsing before summer services, my sweet husband, Les, was experiencing the same spirit of joy and hospitality while drinking coffee and having conversation in the Holy Joe’s Coffee shop.  I often kid him about being a good “choir dad” because he insists on driving me to church extra early so I won’t be late for practice. He enjoyed the early arrival coffee-fellowship with the “Holy Joes” so much that he is now a “Holy Joe” himself, and really looks forward to meeting and greeting everyone who stops in for a cup of coffee or a bite of cake.

Little did we know that a simple summer invitation would lead us to our new church home. We are grateful for how this community of faith embraced and cared for us even before we became members.  We have enjoyed participating in various services, book studies, and service projects. And it’s great to see so many fellow Literacy Achieves teachers in the congregation. 

We are eager to be in continued fellowship, ministry, and outreach with our PHPC family. “Trusting that all belong to God.  Living like we belong to one another.”

Les and I would love to meet you in choir or Holy Joe’s. Summer is coming. Do Drop In!

To invest your gifts in our Music ministry, contact Steve Jobman at or 214.368.6348 ext 142

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