Holy Moments

December 28, 2021

Every single week I experience holy moments with our youth- moments that remind me of who God is and who we are called to be. However, this week has been saturated with them. 

For example, on Sunday we celebrated Breakfast Church. 

I saw parents show up with casseroles to make sure every kid had enough to eat.  I saw youth visiting with those they did not know well, and making room for other people to pull up chairs. I saw our youth deacons and elders serve the youth group communion. And when half of the youth left to go perform a song from the musical for the children's department, I watched the whole youth group follow to cheer on and support. 

It was holy. 

Then on Monday I saw half a dozen youth roll up their sleeves to help paint the set. I saw a crew member stand in for a missing cast member- allowing herself to be vulnerable for the sake of the whole. I saw team work and affirmation in the face of a stressful show week; and I saw rehearsal stop in its tracks to celebrate the birthday of one of our own. 

Holy moments on top of holy moments. 

Here's to another week of the Holy Spirit blowing through this space, and of ordinary holy moments. 

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