Journalism Camp

December 28, 2021

Last week, some of our fifth and sixth graders gathered to learn at our second Journalism Camp! We were joined by our Journalism Camp coordinator, Jordan Grinnell, who helped us adjust our schedule when it went virtual. Their main project for the week was to interview a friend or family member about their quarantine experience and create a TV news piece. Since we were unable to meet in person, we all met on Zoom for daily virtual lessons and guest speakers. We also had break time built into the schedule so that our kids could work on their interview pieces individually.

Each day of Journalism Camp, we played a warm-up game and had our daily lesson via Zoom. Our kids learned how to conduct and shoot interviews, write news scripts, and put a final video together. In addition to the technical side of journalism, our kids learned valuable lessons in telling the truth and spreading positive messages through their pieces.

Following each morning lesson, we had a guest speaker share their unique experiences in the world of journalism. We are so thankful for our guest speakers this week: Jake Grinnell, Josiah Sage, Shane Sumrow, Clarice Tinsley, and Nina Rayburn. These wonderful speakers helped our kids understand the many different career paths within the field of journalism, as well as the importance of using writing and videos to tell a story.

As the main project for the week, each of our kids filmed an interview with a family member or friend to highlight new hobbies that have brought joy throughout this uncertain time. These hobbies included cooking, crocheting, drawing, and more. This project was a fun way to highlight the positive outcomes of quarantine.

At the end of each day, everyone shared their progress and received constructive feedback on their work. It was so fun to see everyone’s interviews and videos throughout the week and all the progress they had made. Then, we finished up the day with a devotional about different aspects of storytelling. 

So, we are so excited to share our second annual edition of the PHPC Post! Thank you so much to our Journalism Camp coordinator, Jordan Grinnell, and our guest speakers for making this a fun and educational week for our kids!

PHPC Post - Journalism Camp 2020 from Preston Hollow Presbyterian on Vimeo.

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