Lessons From Quarantine: Coffee Mugs

December 28, 2021

A big lesson that I have learned during this quarantine season:
Having one too many coffee mugs is okay, but having too many travel mugs is an invitation to pause.
Before COVID, I rarely used a regular coffee mug on weekdays. Too often, I hurriedly ran around in the morning scrambling to collect my things before rushing out the door. Quickly filling my travel mug with coffee was on my morning to-do list.
Today, I gently picked up a coffee mug that a dear friend gave to me and watched it fill almost to the brim with coffee. I smelled the aroma of the cinnamon and vanilla notes that are in my favorite blend of coffee. I paused. In fact, I paused so many times that I had to reheat it several times because I was able to sit and enjoy rather than run and carefully not spill.
I hope that in our “new normal”, there will be more coffee mugs than travel mugs. Life will surely get busier again, and I am hopeful for what that means for us as a world. But when this life does get busier, I pray that I remember that savoring does not need to end. God invites us to savor these divine moments that are around us. Let it be so.

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