May I Help You?

December 28, 2021

At Preston Hollow, we are surrounded by servant-hearted people.  Virtually any day of the week, you’ll find members in the office answering phones, greeting visitors, preparing mailings, organizing files, noting attendance, making copies…the list goes on.

A common denominator in how people came to serve in these ways is that they were personally invited by someone.

“Katie Dollar said we are looking for people and we could use you because you’d be a good fit,” said Paul Jones, who’s been volunteering in a host of ways for about three years.  “Steve and I needed to find a church home.  Working in the church office seemed like a good way to connect with our new church.”  Steve said that he has received much from the Lord, and this was an opportunity to respond in faith.

Virginia Dunaway and her husband relocated from Memphis to Dallas last year.  They found PHPC and made it their faith community. Virginia has recently begun serving in the office, working with the care ministry to mail bulletins to to our home-centered members. Our Member Engagement Coordinator, Allison Cochran, had a hand in that.  “Allison asked me to consider working in the office in this way, and I was glad to do it!”

Virginia described volunteering as a way of expressing discipleship.  “I was wanting to do something that would be meaningful to someone else,” she said.

Paul shares a similar philosophy in his serving.  “I get a good feeling when I have helped someone, when I have made a difference. Seeing someone smile is a motivation,” he said.

Another faithful member who has worked in the office for five years is Jo Ann House. She enjoys having face time with the staff and church members. She had done similar work at her church in Albuquerque and knew how rewarding it could be to serve.

Jo Ann enjoys filling in at the front desk, greeting visitors and providing a welcoming environment to those who may come in seeking assistance from the church.  Like others who serve, Jo Ann finds it gratifying to be able to make a difference in someone’s life. She said, “One day, we were able to provide a man a $20 bus ticket, which seemed to make all the difference in the world to him.”

“We should be inviting our members to volunteer more often,” Jo Ann said.  “I was asked, and I said, ‘yes.’”  The church can always use another willing volunteer, no matter one’s age or stage in life. Serving in this way could enrich your life and make a difference in another’s, as Jo Ann, Paul, Virginia and many others have discovered for themselves.

If you are interested in serving in the church office, contact Rev. Mark Brainerd at or 214.368.6348 ext 134


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