Ministry of Hope

December 28, 2021

As we await with hope during this season for the coming of our Messiah, I cannot help but reflect on one of our Malawi Mission Team partners – Ministry of Hope – and the time we spent together this past October.

Ministry of Hope began in 1999 when a young Malawian named Fletcher Matandika was overwhelmed by the number of orphans in Malawi. At that time, Malawi was faced with the great challenge of raising approximately 2 million orphans, most of them being AIDS orphans.

Over the past 18 years, Ministry of Hope grew into an organization of the Mkuza Presbyterian Church in Malawi, committed to making a difference in the lives of these children, as well as the lives of widows, the disabled, and the destitute, by ministering to their physical needs and in the process, helping them find the true and everlasting HOPE that is only found in Jesus Christ.

The Ministry of Hope U.S.-based board presented members of our PHPC Malawi Mission Team with a plaque, recognizing our long-standing commitment and partnership together in Malawi.

Here is the note shared from the Board:

The Ministry of Hope U.S. Board is thankful for Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church for their long term partnership in ministering to the children of Malawi. Your congregation has played a key role in changing the lives of thousands of children. The U.S. Board has been blessed with the leadership of Preston Hollow member Helen Zimba who serves on the MOH U.S. Board. Zikomo kwambiri (thank you very much) to the congregation of Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church!

Our time together with the Ministry of Hope Board helped us to remember that we await the coming of God’s kingdom, not alone, but rather in the company and fellowship of one another. And we wait not with our hands idle, but with our hearts ablaze with passion and our hands stretched out to feed, care, love, and nurture one another, just like the hands of those who cared for the baby Jesus.

Thanks be to God for Ministry of Hope and the wonderful ways lives are transformed by their faithfulness!

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