Nicaragua Ministry Summer Trip

December 28, 2021

Our Nicaragua team has arrived back to Managua after several days in El Zapotal, one of the communities that CEPAD is supporting. We stayed with three host families and learned about the programs and partnerships that CEPAD has helped the community implement. These programs are designed to promote community organizing, leadership development, environmental sustainability, and to strengthen family units, especially the role of women in the community. We worked with a family who was digging a water irrigation system that will provide water to their fruit bearing trees. We made bread with our host mother and also visited the elementary school in the community. The students performed dances, and we taught them a song. We also played a fun game of Duck, Duck, Goose (Patos, Patos, Ganzo)!


From Gregory Farnsworth: 

Although our group leader had prepared us for our mission trip to Nicaragua, I still felt uneasy about making the journey. I wasn’t quite sure why I felt led to make the trip, but I tried to put my anxiety to rest and focus on trying to be of service. Although our trip only last one week, I felt like I was given a sense of what CEPAD is all about and the impact it has on others. It was a wonderful experience to play a small part in offering assistance to individuals who are encouraged to recognize their own gifts and talents and share them with others in their community.

The love and relationships nurtured during the week will remain with me always.

The primitive living conditions were more challenging than I had expected, but the outpouring of hospitality and genuine kindness from the community filled my heart with gratitude. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to travel to Nicaragua!

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