PHPC Family Advent Bags

December 28, 2021

Research has shown that a child will grow up to be an adult and have a desire to go to church and grow in their faith because they have seen their parent or guardian live out their faith. “Church” does not end when our families leave the PHPC parking lot on Sundays. Most faith development happens at home. So as a part of the mission of PHPC Kids, we provide materials for parents to use at home to encourage conversations in the car, before bed or at the dinner table. Throughout the year we provide weekly “Faith on the Go” emails that give parents information about what their kids learned in Sunday School, questions to ask, an activity and a prayer for the week. We also provide seasonal activity bags that give families a way to engage together.  

As we enter the season of Advent, we hope that families spend time together to celebrate the season in a meaningful way. We provide Family Advent Bags to help parents and children learn and grow as we wait for the birth of Jesus.

Each year, the bags have different activities for all ages to give a variety of ways for families to choose what works best for them. This year our bags included:


Advent Action Calendar for Children and Families by Sanctified Art

Hang the calendar on your fridge. Starting on December 1st, countdown the days of Advent by moving a magnet to mark each day. Then, complete the daily action prompt together as a family.


Make-it-Yourself Clay Advent Wreath with Weekly Devotional

All the supplies you need are in the mini blue party bag.

  • Blue paper star: use as the base of the wreath
  • White votive candle: serves as the Christ candle in the center
  • White model magic clay: wraps around the Christ candle
  • Blue birthday candles (3) and pink birthday candle (1): serves as the Advent candles
  • Small container of green paint and paint brush: to paint the white clay after it dries. It may need 2-3 coats of paint.
  • Small bag of glitter: touch of joyous whimsy to decorate after painting the clay ring
  • Prayer book: simple, family-friendly prayers to guide your family through the Advent season.


Reverse Advent Calendar

Use the calendar provided as a way to share love this season. Each day take an item from your pantry and put it into a box or basket. These items will be used by the PHPC Epiphany Ministry to make stoplight bags in the new year. Bring your completed box back with you on Christmas Eve to PHPC and drop it off in the kid’s seating area next to the rainbow stairs.


Coloring Pages from Illustrated Children’s Ministry

Use the coloring pages to create a beautiful piece of artwork for your home and maybe they will spark important conversations throughout Advent.

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