Stories of Giving

December 28, 2021

When Karen and Tom McCracken first met and fell in love, they were quick to discover just how much they had in common - an abiding faith in God, a commitment to giving back to the community and the life-altering experience of having lost a beloved spouse to cancer.

After their marriage five years ago, Karen and Tom sought a way to honor the memory of John E. Muennink and Grayce E. McCracken in a way that would help other families facing the emotional and physical challenges of a cancer diagnosis.  Building upon the generous outpouring of memorial gifts made by their many friends and relatives, the McCrackens made the decision to create the Pastors' Cancer Fund within the PHPC Foundation. Together they pledged to add to the fund each year so that proceeds from the endowment could be used to assist families who are not financially equipped to handle the many significant non-insured expenses that suddenly arise.

As Karen explains, "Transportation costs, childcare, lodging, and time away from work can create a real financial burden for those seeking treatment. We hope that the Pastors' Cancer Fund will open up options so that patients and their families can be proactive in their approach to this disease. Most importantly, we want to show those touched by cancer that the PHPC family cares about their health, well-being and financial security."

Tom adds, "The establishment of this fund is our families’ testament to our love for Grayce and John. We hope that it will offer those facing this diagnosis the assistance they need so that they can focus on recovery. We also invite others to join us in continuing to build The Pastors' Cancer Fund. Working together, we can provide loving assistance to ensure that the battle with cancer will be less stressful and more Christ-centered, leading to wholeness and peace of mind."

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