Sunday School

December 28, 2021

I’m in my 14th year of teaching Sunday school to five-year-old children at PHPC. That fact may impress some people and cause other people to shake their heads and think “how does she do that?” For me, it fills me with joy: joy to show these children that God loves them no matter what; joy to learn from them what God’s love really means; joy to see them grow as youth and young adults with strong faith.

You truly never know exactly how God is working through you, but every now and then you get glimpses.  One year, I learned a challenging child was returning to our class – he was reluctant to participate, did not listen, acted out, and generally tested my patience.  I had tried different tactics, some working and some not.  On the first Sunday of the new school year, he ran up to me, gave me a big hug, and told me how much he had missed me over the summer! I was immediately recharged for another year.

Since we teach the well-known Bible stories year after year, it begs the question whether there remains anything for the instructors to learn in our class. On the contrary, the children’s innocent questions make you think hard and long about God’s love and the message of the story. Try answering “why is it called Good Friday when that’s the day Jesus died?” to a five-year-old and you will understand why it has changed me personally.

On my journey of faith, I have seen the children I once taught grow in the church, get confirmed, and continue their journeys of faith.  We are not alone, God is with us, and every person, young and old, can serve the Lord.

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