Virtual Kids' Ministry

December 28, 2021

Once the COVID-19 pandemic hit and we learned that we would no longer be meeting in person on Sunday mornings, the PHPC Kids Team, like other ministry teams, quickly worked to develop a plan to continue programming of some kind virtually. Our main goal has been to provide an opportunity for connection. We want our kids to have a way of building relationships with each other during this time. 

So over the past eight weeks, the PHPC Kids have gathered on Zoom each Sunday morning. During the first week of calls, everyone was asked to find something in their house to share with the group. We met family pets, learned fun facts about each other, and, most importantly, talked about our shared experiences of social distancing. We have had a different topic of discussion each week including, Easter, Earth Day, and prayer. 

This space on Sunday mornings has provided an opportunity to learn more about each other without having the distractions of a classroom, and really lean on each other as we are all going through the same thing. The kids have expressed their feelings about missing their friends, teachers, the end of school year celebrations, and everything in between. We cannot fix any of that, but we can be there for each other. The Sunday School Zoom calls have become a safe space to share what is happening in the lives of our PHPC Kids. My hope is that after this is all over and we are able to see each other in person again, that these relationships will carry on and only help bring our kids closer to God and each other. 

This Sunday, we will celebrate the 6th graders on a big PHPC Kids Zoom call, as they finish their time in PHPC Kids and head to the PHPC Youth program. Traditionally we would have one big Morning Wrap on the last day of Sunday School to sing and pray together. This year will look a little different, but our hope is that this Zoom call will be a way to close out the school year together in a meaningful way.

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