Ways to Serve in Dallas - PHPC Serves Week

December 28, 2021

Thinking about serving in Dallas with some of our community mission partners? Check out this testimonial from member Noelle Williams below, and sign up to serve with one of our partners through PHPC Serves!

“My son Carter and I had a great time assisting with the PCHAS work day in Waxahachie last year. Carter stained fences and I helped organize their donation room along with the other volunteers. The campus was so prett y- really pastoral with homes nestled among the fields outside of town. The best part was lunch after we finished working. One of the leaders at the Waxahachie campus and another of PCHAS’s development officers shared about all the work that PCHAS does for children and families. I really liked that the Waxahachie Campus was a place where they tried to keep single parent families together. They were most excited to share that they had welcomed their first single dad family. There were a number of staff working alongside us and their devotion to the job was clear. It was easy to see the sacred in our ordinary labor this day.  Thanks PHPC for making us aware of this great organization and providing the opportunity to help.” - Noelle Williams

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