What's Your New Favorite Thing?

December 28, 2021

How are you? 

I have felt myself growing tired of that question in the past few weeks - how are you? We have appeared to get to a stage in life where the question feels overused and underappreciated. I find myself responding the same way each time I am asked - “Just taking things day by day.” 

Now, this is a fair and real and good response. In fact, any way that you have to respond to a question about how you’re feeling in the midst of a pandemic is valid and real and holy. You are allowed and encouraged to feel everything that you are feeling. Hear that and know that. 

But my new September goal is to ask different questions, ask better questions, ask questions that remind us that there is still goodness in this year. For example, a colleague that I admire greatly has a gathering question that she loves. Whenever she is at the table with people she has not seen in a while, she poses the question: 

“What is your new favorite thing?” 

I love this question. This question encourages newness and curiosity. It creates a space to reflect on what has been bringing you joy recently. Maybe it’s the new Taylor Swift album, maybe it’s the current NBA season that has quenched a thirst for sports, maybe it’s a recipe that fills the entire kitchen with good smells. 

Whatever your new favorite thing is, I hope that you share it. I hope that you multiply that gift and tell others about the emotions that it stirs in you. We need more favorite things to fill our days with moments of peace and goodness. 

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