Worship in the House - COVID Style

December 28, 2021

Last Wednesday Jeannie, Sarah, and I made chalkboard signs, picked up dozens of donuts, and set up upwards of fifty small candles on the picnic tables of the PHPC soccer field. We were all smiling, running around collecting supplies, and trying to ignore the fact that there was thunder and the occasional raindrop. 

As you all know, we eventually had to make the necessary decision to postpone Worship in the House from our originally planned night to the following Thursday evening. We packed up, passed out the donuts, and headed home. 

24 hours later, you all showed up. I mean, you all really showed up. The Youth Leadership Team came early and helped set up and prep the finishing touches. We spread out on picnic blankets and covered the soccer field with excitement and hope for an hour of worship together. We saw faces that we had not seen in person since March. We played with play-doh as a form of prayer, we listened to music as a form of reflection, and we lit a candle as a visual reminder that we are never alone in our worries. 

I learned something about God last week. Just as you - the youth of Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church - continue to show up no matter how last minute, no matter how many times plans change, or no matter how many other things are going on in your world, God shows up for us, too. No matter the time, the place, or the weather - God shows us and reminds us that there is no where we can be that God is not. 

Thanks be to God for that holy Truth. 

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